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Family Law Mediation Attorney in Aurora, Colorado

At Rufner Mediation Arbitration Services, our goal is to help our clients in Aurora, Colorado reach meaningful, lasting resolutions of their difficult issues in a constructive manner that enables them to move forward with their lives and business. We understand that disputes can be highly emotional and that clients need to work through those emotions in order to successfully resolve their issues. Thus, we bring a strong level of compassion, understanding, and communication to our mediation process to enable such successful resolutions.

We are committed to helping people in Colorado resolve their legal issues in a timely, dignified and affordable manner, thus avoiding the high cost of litigation. When you work with us, we'll take the time to fully understand your situation in order to offer valuable mediation and arbitration services. Our approach has proved successful time and time again in facilitating final settlements for our clients.

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We understand that it can be quite difficult and emotional to deal with family issues, so we strive to offer a high level of support at all times. As trained neutral facilitators, we are at all times guided by the best interests of our clients. We provide thorough answers to all questions. We strongly believe that full disclosure of all relevant information, along with meaningful and open discussions between the parties, is key to the successful resolution of disputes. In our work as neutral mediators, our goal is to offer:

  • Fast responses to phone calls

  • Affordable pricing ($200 per hour shared by the clients)

  • High-quality services

Our office is conveniently located in Aurora, Colorado. We strive to make it easy to use our mediation and arbitration services. We offer flexible appointments times so we can meet with our clients as often as needed. We also can and do meet at locations other than our offices, especially for clients who are not located in the Denver metropolitan area. Call Rufner Mediation Arbitration Services today to make an appointment.