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Divorce & Family Law

The State of Colorado has adopted a “no-fault” divorce statute. This means that either the husband or wife can request a dissolution of marriage merely because he or she believes the marriage is irretrievably broken.

At the Rufner Law Firm, PC, in Aurora, Colorado, we know and understand that these legal problems come at a very difficult time in our clients’ lives. As a team, we provide legal representation with compassion and understanding so our clients and their children can begin to successfully move on with and live the rest of their lives.

We represent our clients through the litigation process in a manner that allows the client and children to resolve the issues in the best possible financial and emotional manner.

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Parenting Plans

When children are involved in a dissolution of marriage, the protection of the minor children(s) best interest is of the utmost importance. In protecting the children, the Court must enter an order setting forth a parenting plan that includes the children’s residence, the manner in which the parents will make major decisions affecting the children’s lives and the time that the children will spend with each parent. We understand that the children are the most important aspect of our divorce work and we will work with you to develop an appropriate plan.

Spousal Maintenance

Maintenance may be awarded on a temporary and/or a permanent basis. Colorado statutes do not provide for alimony but do allow a court to award spousal maintenance in order to enable a spouse to meet his or her reasonable needs and expenses for day-to-day living. The court must make a number of factual findings in order to award maintenance, including that a spouse cannot afford those reasonable expenses without financial support from the other spouse. We can assist in making sure that any such award is appropriate for the financial circumstances of the marriage.

Child Support

Under Colorado law, both parents of a child are legally responsible for the financial support and care of their shared child(ren). Child support is designed to aid in providing a home, normal living necessities, proper medical care, education, and other necessities that are needed for a child’s healthy upbringing. Our firm can assist in implementing the appropriate child support order for your children. Contact The Rufner Law Firm, P.C., in Aurora, Colorado to schedule your free consultation.