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Collaborative Family Law Attorney in Aurora, Colorado

Collaborative Family Law was developed to help willing parties avoid a painful and damaging adversarial process.

The goal of collaborative law is to minimize, if not eliminate, the negative economic, social and emotional consequences that typically accompany protracted litigation. Collaborative family law is a process based on integrity, respect, mutual cooperation between the parties resulting in a “win-win” outcome geared toward the future well being of all members of the family.

The court system, which drives most divorce processes, is based upon an adversarial approach to resolving conflict. In this approach, each party is represented by an attorney in all court proceedings.

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The system is set up so that someone “wins” and someone “loses” and each attorney works diligently so that his or her client is the winner. Ultimately, it is the Court that is the final decision-maker.

Collaborative family law offers another option for divorcing couples as an alternative to going to court. In collaborative family law, you, as the divorcing couple, make all of the decisions. You are guided and supported by your lawyer and have the option of other professionals including financial experts, life coaches, and mental health experts, as part of the team, all of whom have specialized training in the collaborative family law approach.

The Rufner Law Firm has over 50 years of legal experience in the state of Colorado and is at the forefront of the collaborative family law movement. If you are interested in divorce with integrity, respect, and cooperation, collaborative family law may be right for you.