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Rick Rufner’s Published Appellate Cases:

Rick Rufner is an experienced and accomplished Colorado attorney. He has authored numerous legal briefs and has participated in several appellate cases which have helped shape the current laws of our state; some of which are highlighted below:

Paternity & Child Custody-

  • People ex rel. A.M.K, 68 P.3d 563, (Colo. App 2003); This case involved a child custody dispute between the child’s biological father and non-parent caretakers of the child. The biological father, represented by the father, was a teenager and unwed to the biological mother, when the child was born. Without the father’s knowledge, the biological mother left the child primarily in the care of non-related caretakers. The couple was awarded primary residential care of the child, shared-decision making authority for religious, medical, and day to day matters and sole decision making authority for educational issues. With Attorney Rick Rufner, the father appealed and the court reversed the judgment. The court held that the father had a fundamental right as a biological parent to direct the custody, care and control of the child. The court held that such an order failed to accord a presumption that the child’s best interests would be served by custody with the fit biological father.

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